When was Gadhouse Company founded?

Gadhouse Company was founded in 2016.

Where is the Gadhouse HQ Office?

Gadhouse’s HQ is located at 976/9 Rim-klong Samsen Rd., Bang Kapi, Huaykhwang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand

What are Gadhouse Company’s business hours?

Our business hours are flexible but we generally operate from 9AM - 6PM, Bangkok time.

What does Gadhouse Company offer?

We jump around a variety of services, focusing on gadgets and technology.

What’s the difference between Gadhouse and Gadhouse Company?

We are the parent company that comprises various tech brands. Gadhouse is one of our in-house brands that offers audio devices in a retro-modern concept.

How many brands are operated under Gadhouse Company?

As of 2022, we are operating a total of 7 brands under Gadhouse Company: Gadwell, Sunday Gadgets, Format, Justgad, Yourgad, and the Sole Distributor of Audio Pro.

What’s the vision of Gadhouse company ?

“Be creative for a better lifestyle.” We aim to elevate people’s lives through the advance of new technology in the sense of retro-futuristic design that we all long for.

Where is Gadhouse Company based?

We are based in Bangkok, Thailand and offer services on a global scale.

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